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Welcome to our web portal

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Research themes

Our studies span quantitative geomorphology and remote sensing and address the broad topics of natural hazards and landscape evolution.  At  present our main interests are in landslide processes and the mechanisms of bedrock river erosion and meandering.  The geographic foci of our work are Taiwan, Japan and Italy.


Selection of current projects

Channel cross-section surveying

About us

Our geomorphology group is based at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, an earth sciences research campus of Columbia University and part of the Earth Institute.  We are a small group of research scientists, postdocs and students whose work is supported largely by federal grants from agencies such as NASA and the NSF.  We maintain close collaborations with colleagues in the UK (Dept of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge; Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Wallingford), Italy (CNR-IRPI, Perugia) and Taiwan (Dept of Geosciences, NTU, Dept of Earth Sciences, NCKU).

About this site

This web portal is a Plone/Zope-based prototype CMS primarily intended as an extranet and intranet tool to facilitate our group activities and international collaborations.  Login is required for access to much of the site's resources and tools.  Publicly available material is rather limited at present, although the site is in continual development and further resources will be added in the near future. 

To see what's currently available, try the site map or the live search tool (both at the top right of this page) for more information. 

We have created a wiki-based discussion forum for users with login access.

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